How we work

Our manufacturing capability

Simatelex is one of the Hong Kong's leading OEM manufacturers. Backed by a strong engineering team for R&D, mechanical and electronic design (including hardware and software development of new micro-control systems), the Company offers one-stop tailor-made solutions to clients, bringing products from a conceptual stage to final production. It is Simatelex's belief that the key to success lies in attentiveness to client needs.

Simatelex's manufacturing capabilities include the following functions:

Overseas expansion

Simatelex Batam Factory.
Simatelex factory site in Batam.

Aside from our factories in China, Simatelex has expanded into Batam, Indonesia, an island just 30km south of Singapore. Being part of a Special Economic Zone with Singapore, Batam offers our customers the advantages of a large labour force and a deep pool of technical expertise, as well as a means to avoid possible customs impacts related to China-based manufacturing. It is thus no surprise that in its first three years (2019-22) of operation, our Batam facility has increased its production lines five folds.