Who we are

Our mission, vision, and core values

Our mission

To achieve excellence and to be the leader in the electrical household appliances industry.

The following principles define our excellence:

Our commitment

Our heritage was founded on quality. By constantly improving our engineering, manufacturing and quality control, and by responding to the challenges of the modern global economy, Simatelex ensures that its products can always be held to the highest standards.

Our standards

Our corporate culture is defined by a strong spirit of teamwork and the drive to go beyond expectations. Simatelex's employees are dedicated to innovation and preserving the Company's long history of excellence.

Our people

Our clients expect excellence and that is exactly what we deliver. From our engineering capabilities to our vertically integrated production facilities, we ensure that Simatelex is the vendor of choice for world-renowned brand names in the electrical household appliances industry.

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Simply Excellence.

Our vision

To be the leader in the field of electrical household appliances. We aim to achieve this goal through our history of quality, our facilities and capabilities, our constant drive to improve and our dedicated team. We envision a world in which our consumers are able to enjoy better lifestyles due to the quality and innovation of our products and the utility and convenience they bring. We will continue to work diligently so that in the future, our products are recognized as being the best in our industry.

Our core values

Customer Focus: Our clients' needs always come first in our daily operations. Our award-winning team of engineers take pride in their ability to bring our clients' designs to life.
Quality: We strive towards a world in which our consumers are able to enjoy better lifestyles, thanks to the quality and innovation of our products.
Teamwork: From Sales & Marketing to Engineering to R&D, our multitalented, multidisciplinary teams work collaboratively together to achieve customer satisfaction.
Continuous Improvement: When it comes to continuous quality improvement, it is not only a goal, but also a commitment reflected by the attitude of every staff member.
Ethics and Integrity: Our people take their commitments seriously. We believe ethics and integrity are fundamental principles, and non-negotiable.