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Simatelex Manufactory Co., Ltd. was founded by Mr. C. S. Suen in 1969 as a sub-assembly factory in Hong Kong. The company was founded on the principles of high quality, good value and going beyond client's expectations. The initial floor area was only 10,000 square feet; from this humble beginning over 50 years ago, Simatelex has risen to where it stands today.

From the very beginning, Simatelex quickly established and maintained a lead in the small household appliances industry. The company encountered many strategic challenges, but in the 1970s, Simatelex dramatically expanded both its production capacity and the number of employees.

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In 1979, China adopted its open-door policy, allowing outside companies to set up on the mainland and employ Chinese workers. Simatelex was one of the first companies to seize this opportunity to capitalize on China's abundant labor resources. By the mid-1980s, the entire manufacturing process had been shifted to China.

In the mid-1990s, Simatelex began to consider its future growth and diversification; to this end, it established a joint-venture with the leading Japanese electrical appliances brand Zojirushi, making rice cookers and hot-pots for the Japanese domestic market.

Around this time, the management also looked ahead, and saw that household appliances in the future would incorporate far more electronic components; therefore, Simatelex decided to build its own PCB assembly plant, allowing the company to ensure the reliability of its products. During this period, Simatelex also attained ISO 9002 certification, reflecting its commitment to quality.

In 1997, Mr. Suen passed away and his eldest daughter Esther Suen took over the company with the intention of building on her father's foundation. Under her leadership, Simatelex has enjoyed substantial growth while always staying true to its core principles: reliability, quality and integrity.

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Towards the end of the twentieth century, Simatelex successfully streamlined its operations via a restructuring and re-location process. The company was also awarded the Certification of Qualification by the Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) Client Test Data Program.

Simatelex continued to expand and grow in the new century, facing and overcoming many challenges in the global economy. In 2007, Simatelex opened its fourth plant, Simatech, near Guangzhou. This was its biggest factory to date, with a floor space of over 1.5 million square feet. A year later, Simatelex became ISO 14001 certified. In another 4 years, Simatelex completed a major re-location, moving its headquarters for the first time in decades to a brand-new building in Aberdeen, Hong Kong. In 2019, Simatelex celebrates the 50th anniversary of its founding and established a new factory in Batam, Indonesia.

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